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PocketMetro New York

PocketMetro New York for BlackBerry

New York Subway route planner

The New York subway is the largest in the whole world by number of stations. It is also one of the oldest bit it runs through the night,. Navigating the New York subway is difficult because:

  • There are 31 lines
  • Many lines run on the same tracks or parallel to each other
  • The lines change at various times during the day (rush hours, late at night)
  • 'Express' trains skip many stations, unlike 'Local' trains
  • 'Express' and 'Local' trains may run at the same time on the same line
  • There are usually many suitable routes to get to any destination and it may be hard to pick the best

PocketMetro New York Eliminates all these problems by constantly searching for the best route based on current conditions and your coordinates. A better way to get around the Big Apple.

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PocketMetro New York


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